Dr. Brown has had three careers, as an enlisted Marine from 1954 to 1964, as a Foreign Service Officer (FSO) from 1965 to 1992 and, since 1992, as a scholar, author and conference speaker.

He joined the Marine Corps Reserve in 1954 at the age of sixteen. In 1955, still just sixteen, he enlisted in the regular Marine Corps. During his first enlistment he served as a Marine Embassy Guard in Managua, Nicaragua 1956-59. During his second, 1960-64, he served as a Thai and Spanish Intelligence Linguist and engaged in numerous missions in Thailand, several of them on solo counterinsurgency assignments.

By twenty-seven, he was a career diplomat, a Foreign Service Officer, serving in Israel responsible for protecting American citizens, hippies, prophets, and strippers in trouble. He went on to serve successively Spain, wartime Vietnam, Mexico, Paraguay, El Salvador and Amsterdam, in the State Department in Washington, DC as Paraguay/Uruguay Desk Officer, Deputy Director of European Political/Economic Affairs and Deputy for Cuba Affairs, Consul General in Martinique (France), Senior Liaison Officer (SLO) to the Nicaraguan Democratic Resistance (the Contras) in Central America and Border Research Fellow in New Mexico.

After ten years as a Marine and twenty-seven as a Foreign Service Officer, he returned to college, completed doctoral studies in four disciplines, Political Psychology, Economics, Foreign Relations, and History. In 1997, he received a PhD from New Mexico State University and has since become a widely respected author, academic researcher, and lecturer.




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